Liz Jackson….a reminder to cherish everyday moments

Last night legendary Four Corners reporter Liz Jackson bravely showed immense courage by exposing her suffering and vulnerability on screen. The former reporter has been diagnosed with Parkinsons disease and every moment is a struggle. Last night’s documentary, filmed by her husband, was raw and unflinching.
What she believed to be depression emerged as a terrible illness which makes her weaker and more vulnerable by the day.
It must have been a hard decision to allow herself to be filmed in her most treacherous moments. Her anxiety attacks. The times when she can barely stand.
Yet her openess to let us witness her fragility will help so many.
For those of us lucky enough to be healthy she reminds us to cherish every day. Every moment. To put down our phones and play outside with the children. To call a friend. To eat that cake and enjoy every bite. Maybe to knock on the door of a neighbour who lives alone and ask if they are okay. We never know what is around the corner. Thank you Liz for reminding us of that.


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