The power of words….

I was recently very proud to have been asked by Melbourne based charity Family Life to help them with a new fundraising campaign. The charity does so much brave, relentless work aiding families and individuals during very dark chapters of their lives. From domestic violence and abuse to helping separated couples work to solve issues regarding custody of children and divorce. I learnt so much from this opportunity, especially how dire social issues know no economic boundaries.

In my role as media consultant I suggested really making clear their core values, their purpose. Even a charity shouldn’t be afraid to use the tools of branding – and very clearly communicating  their brand story. Who are they helping? Where will donations be spent?  It’s what helps potential supporters and volunteers unlock their motivation to help. And importantly, for this campaign, to donate.

Here is a preview  of the campaign which will be run on social media, local newspapers and in direct mail across Bayside, Melbourne. This real life case study encompasses exactly who, why and what the charity does on the daily basis. It connects emotionally to the reader. And I very much hope that in a small way my advice, writing and editing for the charity helps them raise much needed funds. Read more at:


Family Life helped rebuild my shattered world



Jane, 39, former Family Life client *name changed 

“After an abusive and violent relationship, I turned to Family Life for help for myself and my daughter. I knew they would be there for me.”







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